New Project!

This brand new blog for 2013 will post highlights from the Dr Thomas Lucas diaries from January-December 1813.  Containing everything from world events to local news to the progress of his garden, Dr Lucas’ diaries are a mine of information about Georgian Stirling and the area around.

Dr Lucas' Diary


14 thoughts on “New Project!

  1. I am so happy that I stumbled upon this. I study media and culture and am keenly interest in the way in which we compose digital diaries through blogs and social networking sites. Seeing 200-year-old diary entries online is a great reminder of how the audience for our personal journalling habits has changed. I can’t wait to read more entries. (And, as a lover of books, I will have to make a trip to the archives to see the original!)

  2. Fascinating stuff! What a brilliant idea to post this online. I’ll be following it regularly from here in the Middle East. Great work.

  3. Such a good idea, and really fascinating to read. Since discovering it on Saturday, I have told so many people about it, shared it on Twitter and Facebook! Sure your blog will gather many followers over the coming year! Well done to whoever came up with the idea of putting it online!

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