9th January 1813

The first division of the 70th Regiment marched from the Castle for Montrose.  The Second Division and the last will march on the 11th for the same place. ‘Tis reported that their sudden departure has been occasioned by Mobs and riots at that town on account of Shipping Grain from that port and sending it out of the Country.

A fall of snow.  The weather wet and very cold.  The Hills all round are covered white.


6 thoughts on “9th January 1813

  1. My Dear Lucas,

    You will no doubt be glad to rid yourself of the general waywardness, drunkenness – and worse – which tend to accompany large numbers of soldiers in the town.

    I feel, too, the people can hardly be blamed for rabble-rousing. The price of grain has risen rapidly since the poor harvest, owing to its scarcity, and is now quite beyond those eking out a mere subsistence. I hear, too, that merchants and farmers are storing huge amounts in order to export elsewhere, and the disturbances are no doubt due to the efforts of the people attempting to purloin the grain before it can be moved. We can only hope for a good summer this year.
    I hope your rheumatism is not troubling you too much this cold weather.

    I am, etc.,
    Nathaniel Blyss

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