16th January 1813

Cold weather with Sleet rain and frost by turns.  Cold very frequent.  Several aged people and Valetudinarians have died, and there has also been some very sudden deaths.

The markets are continuing high.  All the necessaries of life although abundant are very high priced.

Bell returned from Edinburgh.  She left William and Mr Lucas’s family all in health.

[A valetudinarian is a sickly or weak person, particularly one who has a morbid concern about their health. In this case Dr Lucas may be referring to people that he knows to have been ailing for some time.

We can assume that Bell refers to Dr Lucas’ wife Isabella and that she has been staying with his relatives. Lucas says very little about his family and household in the diaries.]


6 thoughts on “16th January 1813

  1. Valetudinarian is one of my favourite words, so I was pleased to see it in use for today’s entry. I expect that several other rarely used words will be used over the course of the year, which pleases this lexophile!

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