23rd January 1813

James Campbell was buried in St Ninians Churchyard in the Burying place of our father in Law Mr W Whitehead.  The company were respectable but not numerous.

St Ninians Parish Mortality Register January 1813 showing Campbell burial.

St Ninians Parish Mortality Register XA2/1/23, showing the burial of Mr Campbell referred to in Dr Lucas’s diary entries 20 and 23 January 1813.


5 thoughts on “23rd January 1813

  1. I feel like a gossiping soap opera character, because I want more details! Dr Lucas’ comment on ‘the Burying place of our father in Law’ makes me wonder if James Campbell was is own brother-in-law. Is there somewhere in Stirling (the central library, maybe?) where I can be nosey and look into Dr Lucas’ family tree a bit?

    • Hi Frances,

      Thank you for your comment. It would be very interesting to look more closely into the family and background of Thomas Lucas and we intend to do more of this as the year goes on. If you are thinking of having a look yourself, you could start with a visit to Stirling Central Library where you can gain access to census returns for the Stirling area along with microfilms of Old Parish Registers. A great source for basic family history is the website Scotland’s People, you have probably heard of this. You can buy cut price vouchers for this site at the Library and staff there are great at giving help with the software and getting started. Once you have the basic information you can always visit the Council Archives to look at local archival sources and staff here will help you with this. There is already some information about Dr Lucas on the ‘Dr Lucas’ page on the blogsite and we will be adding to this as the year goes on.

      We are glad that you are enjoying the blog so much!

      Stirling Council Archives

      • If the wife of Dr Lucas was Isabel Whitehead and they had a son William Lucas born in 1799 then I have a marriage date for Dr Lucas and Isabel Whitehead of 5th November 1786 in Stirling.

      • Hi Maitland, We are impressed by all the genealogical work that has been going on regarding Dr Lucas. When we have have a fuller picture, we can post more details on the ‘Dr Lucas’ pages of the blog site. Thank you all for filling us in on your research.

        Stirling Council Archives

  2. Frances – Yes, I agree, you want to put flesh on the bones! I can’t prove it for sure, but a William Whitehead (who may be the father-in-law referred to), had a daughter Isobel (b 1770), who may be Dr Lucas’ wife. Isobel had a sister Margaret (b 1768). A Margaret Whitehead married a James Campbell (date unknown) and went on to have at least two sons in St. Ninians, Stirling – James, born 1792, and Thomas Buchanan Campbell, born 1803. The middle name ‘Buchanan’ may well refer to William Whitehead’s second wife – Jean Buchanan – Margaret and Isobel’s mother. Could be totally wrong, though!

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