26th January 1813

The storm continues.

Paid the expenses of Mr Campbell’s funeral amounting to £12.18 Sterling – having received an order from his brother for £15 for that purpose.  Gave the ballance to his widow.

The French are completely driven out of Russia into Poland and Prussia with the Loss of upwards of two hundred and Eighty thousand men in Killed and prisoners besides immense loss in Cannon and Stores.  Their Emperor ran away in disguise and got to Paris.  Most of his generals also deserted their corps.


2 thoughts on “26th January 1813

  1. My Dear Lucas,

    I must offer my condolences regarding Campbell. Was he a member of any Stirling trade or Guild? If so, his widow should look to the funds set up by Mr John Allan, and more recently by Mr Alexander Cunningham. They may provide an education for perhaps one or two of the boys. I have heard that widows and daughters benefit, too, from Cowane’s bequest. I understand, however, that Robert Spittal made no such provision when he set up his charitable trust: only Campbell himself could benefit if he fell on hard times.

    Strange, Lucas, that despite an abundance of charitable mortifications in the town I hear there is no lessening of the number of poor folk. Some say the town attracts them for this very reason.

    The weather is indeed foul. We have hard frost and blizzards, with a bitingly cold wind. I can only imagine it is much worse in a Russian winter, and suspect that may have contributed to the Emperor’s lack of success.

    Yours, etc.,
    Nathaniel Blyss

    • Good Morrow Blyss,

      Well done! Your comments are well made and did amuse!

      Dare we hope for some 18th C women to start responding too?

      Kind regards, Stirling Council Archive


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