19th February 1813

Saw Archibald McNab of Kinell.  He promised to pay the Interest of my bond [gap] the same as formerly by his uncle.

Note – comment from guest blogger John Harrison:

Kinneill? I think this is Kinell on Lochtayside which was McNab territory – see

Gillies, William A.

In Famed Breadalbane: The Story of the Antiquities, Lands and People of a Highland District, The Clunie Press, 1980. p. 111 etc;

Archibald was the nephew of Francis who appears in the Raeburn portrait on the whisky bottles; both were rogues of the first water, so one fears for Dr Lucas’s cash, certainly if they did pay it was likely out of the profits of smuggling.


2 thoughts on “19th February 1813

  1. Well, I hope Archibald McNab paid up before he inherited the title of Clan Chief in 1816! He was eventually so overwhelmed by his (and his late uncle’s) creditors he did a runner to Canada! Worse was to come – he persuaded large numbers of his clansmen into emigrating to work for him on his land, but failed to keep his promise to feed them. Not only that, they discovered the Canadian government gave free land to settlers – while McNab was charging them rent! Could they complain? Well, they could, but it wouldn’t get them very far, because the local JP was none other than – Archibald McNab.

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