2nd March 1813

The Medicines that had been on board of Hosies packet since the 25 of last month were got safe into the Shop.

The box sent to William at last reached him.  It had been kept up through the innatention of the Carrier.

Very serious disturbances happened at Perth.  The Renfrew and Fife regiments of militia mutinied.  They imagined that they had been only inlisted for ten years and wanted their discharge, but by the steadiness of their officers and some regular troops being sent for they were soon convinced of their mistake, and quietly returned to their duty.  Ten of the ringleaders however were sent to Edinburgh Castle, where no doubt they will be brought before a court martial and punished.  ‘Tis a pity that the Acts of Parliament were not more clearly worded.


Our guest blogger, Mr Andrew Muirhead gives more insight into the events that Dr Lucas refers to:

During the Napoleonic Wars, militia regiments were raised for home defence.  Prior to being in Perth, the Renfrewshire Militia had been helping to protect Portsmouth.  A private named Hally used some leave to go round that  regiment and the Fife Militia  fomenting trouble.  It was rumoured that he had been imprisoned so some of the men set out to release him. On the way to the prison in Perth they spotted him walking free so the riot lost some of its point. The two regiments were marched from Perth to Dundee and from Perth to Crieff.  On the way back from Dundee the Renfrewshire Militia were surrounded by other regiments and disarmed until they gave up some of the ringleaders of the trouble.  In total about 10 or 14 men were marched off to be court martialled  and that was the end of that mutiny.


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