6th March 1813

Received a letter from Mr McNaughton of London informing us that Uncle Walter had married a young woman of 35, his age being upwards of 70.

Received also a letter from Mr Leckie announcing his wife’s pregnancy and that trade had been somewhat broken.


2 thoughts on “6th March 1813

  1. My dear Lucas,

    Ah, but Lucas, we are all but dulled to scandal these days. Have you not forgotten last year’s shocking affair? That Lamb woman thought nothing of her marriage vows or children, and the dissolute rake Byron had no intention of reminding her. She herself admits he was mad, bad, and dangerous to know. I believe the hysterics yet continue, and fear it cannot end well.

    Tell me, Lucas, what was it that first attracted this young woman to your upwards of 70 uncle of means, Mr Walter Patterson?

    There’s no fool like an old fool, they say, although perhaps I do them both a disservice. She may be an excellent home-maker, conversationalist, and companion for him in his later years.

    Yours, etc.,
    Nathaniel Blyss

    • Dear Blyss,

      Has it not often been said that a fool and his money are soon parted? I fear nothing good can come of this. I trust that you remain well through this season of inclement weather. Yours, well muffled,

      Stirling Council Archives

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