21st March 1813

Wet disagreeable weather.

Wrote to my Uncle at London congratulating him on his marriage.

Wrote Mr McNaughton at the same time.


2 thoughts on “21st March 1813

  1. My Dear Lucas,

    I have been sorely plagued by the seasonal ague these past few days, which has left me somewhat dull of mind, sour in mood and much reduced in bodily vigour.

    Water-gruel and chicken broth have sustained me, and 20-25 drops of laudanum in a little wine – after which in particular my spirits seem to rise somewhat. At least, Lucas, the days of believing that the touch of a hanged man’s hand could cure goitre are gone.

    Some news, however, has given me good cheer. Do you recall, Lucas, a travelling-man by the name of Livingstone we met near Blantyre, hawking tea, Christian tracts and excellent conversation? Many a lively discourse we held with him on the road, and a true friendship forged! I now hear on good authority his wife, Agnes, has been safely delivered of a boy on the 19th of this month. I believe he is to be named in honour of her father – David. One wishes the child well, and wonder what path he will choose to travel through life. Perhaps he will inherit a taste for adventure, take to the road, and explore new horizons like his father, or perhaps be content with a simple life labouring in the cotton-mills of Blantyre.

    The latter, I presume.

    Yours, etc.,
    Nathaniel Blyss.

    • Dear Blyss,

      I am sorry to hear that you have been troubled with a winter complaint. This weather can hardly be helping your recovery. Go easy on the laudanum mind, many a strong man has been reduced to an idiot through over use of that cure-all. I was pleased to hear of the infant Livingstone’s safe arrival. We an only hope that he thrives in this time of economic uncertainty and lives to manhood in a country no longer at war.

      May your health continue to improve.

      Stirling Council Archives

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