13th April 1813

The markets are on the decline but the Bakers have not yet lowered the price of Bread and the Butchers Market is rather on the advance Beef being now at 8 pence per lib.

Planted in all about 8 pecks of Potatoes in the Garden.

Wondering was a ‘peck’ was? 

[For more information on scottish units of weight and measure, please see the Scottish Archive Network website – SCAN].

A peck was a measure or unit of dry capacity.   The basic unit of dry capacity was the boll (from the word ‘bowl’). A quarter of a boll was a firlot (a ‘fourth lot’). A quarter of this was a peck.  A quarter of a peck was a forpet (a corruption of ‘fourth peck’) or lippie (from the Anglo-Saxon leap, meaning a ‘basket’). Sixteen bolls made a chalder or chaldron (from the French chaudron, meaning a ‘kettle’). Lippies, pecks, firlots, bolls and chalders varied depending on what was being measured.


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