6th May 1813

A Shower of Rain succeeded by fine mild weather.

Swallows first seen here this season.

A bill brought into parliament taking off all restrictions off the Roman Catholics in Great Britain and Ireland by which they are nearly on a footing with His Majesty’s other subjects, without adequate security for their peaceable behaviour.

Bonaparte the French Emperor has set out for Germany to head his Army against the Russians and Prussians.

There had been restrictions on Roman Catholics in Britain since the Acts of Uniformity and Test Acts of the 16th and 17th centuries. An emancipation bill that would have allowed increased freedoms to Catholics in Britain was introduced in the House of Commons in February 1813. The proposed bill went on to receive a second reading but was eventually lost in committee. The Roman Catholic Relief Act was finally passed in 1829 after it became evident that public opinion had changed with regard to this issue.


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