8th November 1813

The weather wet with high winds.

The Kirk, the Old and new light seceders, the Antiburgers, the Cameronians all held their Sacraments about this time.  The crowds of people who used to attend them are much diminished.  Their respective Churches and Meetinghouses contains them now with ease but bigotry is not yet extinguished.

The kirk in Scotland has a long history of dissent, schisms and secessions.  This resulted in the formation of various different groups, as indicated by Dr Lucas’ diary entry above.  The famous ‘Great Disruption’ of 1843 was still many years off at the time of this diary entry but when it came it was by no means the only ‘disruption’ the kirk had seen nor would it be the last.  For more information on the current Church of Scotland see http://bit.ly/16YFLak and here for an indication of the various splits and schisms.



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