27th June 1813

A Person of the Name of Bachop went into the Water of Teith to bathe but going beyond his depth was drowned.

Mr Robert Lucas’s son Alexander was killed by a fall from a rock in the King’s Park of Edinburgh. He was in search of a birds nest.  The Western Regiment of Local Militia left the town, they were on the point of breaking out into Mutiny on account of their Shoes and other necessaries not being given to them, but the Shoemakers being applied to furnish the Shoes, they were them satisfied and dispersed quietly.


23rd January 1813

James Campbell was buried in St Ninians Churchyard in the Burying place of our father in Law Mr W Whitehead.  The company were respectable but not numerous.

St Ninians Parish Mortality Register January 1813 showing Campbell burial.

St Ninians Parish Mortality Register XA2/1/23, showing the burial of Mr Campbell referred to in Dr Lucas’s diary entries 20 and 23 January 1813.