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This page is for discussion about Dr Lucas, his diary and Stirling in Georgian times.

Dr Lucas, Pioneering Surgeon

Read an account in the good doctor’s own words of an operation he performed to remove a tumour from the eye of a local farmer’s daughter in the Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal of 1805: –

Warning! Not for the squeamish!

Comment from our first guest blogger, Mr John  G Harrison,

What excellent news that Archives is putting these diaries on-line.

Over the years, I have dipped into the extracts which were published a little over a century ago in the Stirling Antiquary. But the extracts were clearly very selective whilst going through the entire manuscript looking for comments on topics of interest was always going to be a problem.

So, it is brilliant that it will now build up into a searchable source. Lucas covers all sorts of topics (though he rarely comments on them). His entry for 9 Jan 1813 is fairly typical with information about the departure of troops, perhaps to quell riots in Montrose and a brief mention of the weather.

But these were ‘hot topics’. Riots in Montrose could easily enough have been followed by riots in Stirling or elsewhere. Riots were usually a result of high prices, themselves linked to bad weather.  Since Lucas does not report riots in Stirling, we can conclude that there weren’t any, at this time, though he continues to comment about high food prices through 1813.

His diary and the events he covers would make a number of excellent projects for researchers – I immediately wonder if he was right about the riots in Montrose and what happened there when the troops arrived? How did he get his news from abroad? And how far out of date was it, by the time he got it?  Can we identify some of the people he mentions?

So, congratulations to Stirling Council Archives for seizing the potential. And thank you for providing such a useful and growing resource.

John G Harrison

Chair, Stirling Local History Society

The Diaries Return!

The diaries have just been returned to the Archives after having been re-bound and they are looking very good indeed: –

PD16-4-3 & 4 001PD16-4-3 & 4 002


7 thoughts on “Comments & Discussion

    • Hi Phil,

      We will be adding digital images of certain pages as we go along. We hope to have both volumes digitised at some point in the future, before that can be done, we will be having them conserved to ensure that the volumes are robust enough to be handled for this to take place.

      Stirling Council Archive.

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