January 1819

2 The mild weather continues.
The Shoemakers Account for last year was £8.10, the same as the former year.

4/5 The Shoemakers had a procession in honor of Saint or King Orispin, it was equally magnificent with the procession of the 2d January 1815. The Characters were more numerous and equally well supported or acted. The Procession prceeded from Cowans hospital down the Broad Street, the Mary Wynd, Turned at the head of Queens Street went up the Mary Wynd, crossed the foot of the Broad Street, went down the Bow, Bakers Wynd, Quality Street, Port Street, Turned at Melvile Place, went to Gibbs Inn where they partook of a refreshment, they then returned up the Streets to the Guild hall at Cowans Hospital, where they laid aside their Robes, they dined in Stile in Gibbs Inn and concluded the evening, untill an early hour next morning, with a Ball and Supper The whole was concluded with great order and regularity, the day was uncommonly fine. The Procession began at half past twelve oClock and ended about 3 pm. There was a supper and ball in the evening in Gibbs Inn which did not end untill six oclock next morning.

10 The weather continued mild but with very high winds and heavy rains at times.

13 Mrs Edmond our neighbour got her lardner broken into and all the provision it contained stolen, she had provided largely for a feast which was to be held on the 15th.
Keen disputes among the Gildry and the Trades about Setting the Hood Farm to Anderson the Butcher at an undervalue, in which Anderson was unduly favored by the Magistrates who are a mean sett of people at present.

14 Very wet weather with Hail Showers.

15 McGibbons wife the Jailor was found dead in her bed beside her husband, there was a Grandchild lying dead in the house at the same time who had died the same day.

16 The first fall of Snow, it was very slight and dissapeared the Same day and was succeeded by rain and very high winds at West and N West.

18 Being Hansell Monday, There was Shooting at Marks for prizes according to immemorial custom in different parts of the Country, also Cockfighting at one or two places. The day concluded as usuall with eating, Drinking, and Lighting and other amusements of that nature, but these annual sports are now confined to the lower orders of the community.

18 Another fall of Snow from the Eastward, which dissapeared in two days.

24 Sudden deaths frequent, the weather cold and variable from Frost to thaw.
The Typhus or remittent fever is much abated here but is very prevalent in Glasgow and other large towns.

26 Walter returned to Glasgow, having recovered his health.

28 The weather Stormy with wind and rain and very cold.
30 The Election for Member of Parliament for our district of Boroughs is to be tried as to its Validity in the 25 of next month.

31 Hard dry frost.
The Markets still high. Great losses by sea among our Merchantmen
Two fine Outward bound West Indiainen totally lost on the west coast. Their crews partly perished besides many others.

February 1819

1 The Thermometer Stood at 25.

2 The frost is intense, the Thermometer the same as yesterday.
George Adam’s Barn fell down, he is tennant at the Abbey farm.

4 The Storm continues with some snow, and the cold is severe.
Thomas Wright Ironmonger purchased the whole of the late John Glass’s property in the Bakers Wynd. His wife a most extravagant foolish woman sold it, for the sum of £2050 sterling. Severall feus for Building houses are taken out at the Square, they went off at 14, 15 and 16 per acre of yearly feu duty. One rood and sometimes two generally goes to a feu.

7 Rain, Frost, Thaw and Snow alternately, but the Thaw seems rather to preponderate.

10 The Frost gone but the weather is unsettled and wet.

12 Robert Paterson a Baillie, John Jaffray a councillor, Archibald Cuthil Town Chamberlain and one Smith a Weaver Craigs, were summoned to attend at the bar of the House of Commons concerning Campbells Election for Member of Parlement. All the four are worthless fellovs. They sett off on the 15.

14 Fine clear frosty weather.

20 Several Sloops loaded with potatoes to the amount of severall Thousands of Bolls have sailed from the Shore of London. Vast quantities have been exported also from other ports of Scotland.

25 The weather very unsettled and cold.

26 Got Settled with John Crawfurd at the Linns for Board and Lodging for his son Hugh my late apprentice and discharged his Indenture.
A heavy fall of Snow followed by a partial Thaw.

28 The People who went to London concerning the Election on the 12 have not yet returned, but One M Black who also went part of the way and had reached York was seized with Insanity and has returned in a State of Insanity.
The Markets are still High, Butter 1/7, Eggs 10d, Meal 48 shillings per Load, Potatoes 104, Beef 6d to 7d and so forth in proportion.
The Jail was broken and an Irishman a Vendor of Forged Notes escaped.
An Iron bar of one of the windows three Stories high was sawed through and the fellow got down by a Rope.

March 1819

1 The. news arrived that John Campbell who was chosen Member of Parliment for our District of Burghs was turned out for Corruption and bribery, and Mr Primrose the former candidate commenced a canvas. Bonefires in the evening and the bells were set ringing, he dined with his friends in Gibbs Inn, but there is a strong party against him of those who are led by the nose by government.
A Fall of Snow with cold weather.

5 It was one of the people of Innerkeithing who proved Campbell guilty of Bribery.

4 Most of the people who went from Stirling have returned from London.

5 One McTaggart from Galloway has been set up by the Ministry in Opposition to Primrose.

6 Fine weather, the farmers throng sowing their Beans and the labour of the Gardens is begun.

8 Sowed Onions and Leeks.

9 Sowed carrots and lettuces of different sorts.
Youngs proof is nearly finished concerning the assault committed on me by him last September on the Harvest fair day.

10 Fine dry weather, the farmers throng with the labours of the field and sowing Beans.

11 Planted Pease and Beans, Viz 1 pound early Charlton and 1 Pound and a half Dwarf Marrowfat Pease, and 4 lib of Beans of different Kinds.

14 The Electioneering still goes on, nobody has yet appeared on the Ministereal side but that party are exerting themselves in favor of one McTaggart a broker in London, especially Brown and Buchan two half pay Surgeons, and a silly man one Thomas Littlejohn.

16 Planted a few late Potatoes; some light Showers.

17 Disputes about Election business carried on with great heat and Keenness.
Mr Alexander McLaurin, many years an eminent Schoolmaster for teaching English died.
The Weather exceeding cold with high Winds.

18 A delegate was chosen to Vote for a Member of Parliament at the Ensuing election on the 29th at Inverkeithing, when Provost Wright was Elected Delegate in the intrest of Mr Primrose, the Earl of Roseberrys brother, to the great Mortification of the Minesterial party and half pay gentry. The Evening concluded with Drinking, Carrying Tar Barrels in flames through the town and a bonefire at the new Corn Market, where two Hogsheads of porter were quickly consumed by the Populace. Two or three houses were illuminated and the Cries of Primrose for ever resounded in all quarters of the Town. The Ministerial candidate MacTaggart never appeared. There was no rioting or mobbing on this occasion.

19 MacTaggarts party are connlsed as it were with rage, and circulate eveyy calumny they can invent against the Characters of Primrose and his party.

20 Planted the remainder of my greens.

23 A fall of Snow with very cold weather, the Snow melted almost as soon as it fell.

25 Much rain and Stormy weather.
Primrose gave the prisoners in the Jail a dinner, they consisted of 27 in number, he also gave twenty pounds to the poor and ten pounds to the Society for the relief of destitute females.

27 Stormy wet weather.

28 The Provost went to Inverkeithing.

29 Mr Primroses Party went to Inverkeithing in 5 chaises with a Yellow flag displayed and the words “Primrose for ever” painted on it. Three or four of McTaggarts party also went, Viz Walter Glass, Thomas Littlejohn, Ebenezer Brown, and Archibald Cuthill McTagarts agent. They took a protest or two and came quickly away, whilst their bones were Whole.

30 Primroses party not returned, but news has arrived of Mr Primroses Election for Member of Parliament for the District, in the Room of Campbell.
Our townsmen returned past ten o’clock PM. Mr Primroses election took place properly, the Ministerial party took some frivoulus protests, no ministerial McTaggart or any person for him appeared.

April 1819

1 The old foolish custom of sending people foolish errands on this day, is not yet abolished.

2 The weather cleared up. The Public lamps are removed for the Season, The Poplar Trees have put forth leaves, and the Hedges are becoming of a green Colour.

5 Fine dry weather, with a little frost early i~n the Morning.

6 The Farmers throng preparing to sow barley. Began to plant late potatoes.

11 News arrived that the Duke of Cambridges dutches was delivered of a Son on the 25 of March in Hanover in Germany. The Duke of Clarence s wife also was delivered of a daughter next day but the Child died a few hours after its birth.
William Whitehead a half pay Lieutenant of the 13th Regiment Borrowed Books from William to the amount of 25 shillings and pretends to have lent or lost them.

13 Whitehead returned one of the Books with a Scurrilous card, and demanded to know the price of another.

15 The weather cold and wet.
Mrs Edmond would have incroached on my property by building on my garden wall opposite the north end of my beech Hedge, but desisted on being threatned with an interdict.
The Banks of England and Ireland restricted from giving out Specie in payments, by Act of Parliament. It appears that upwards of 5,000,000 sterling has gone out of the Country. The weather cold and wet with much wind.

17 The Justiciary Judges came into Town by the way of Airth. They were escorted to the court house by the Magistrates, Town Officers, Sherrifs etc and guarded by a party of the Military from the Castle. An Irishman called Corley was indicted for uttering forged notes, but having broke out of Prison he was Outlawed for not appearing. Andrew Cowan from Touchgorm was Indicted for stealing a hive of Bees but being at large on Bail and not appearing to stand a trial, he was fugitate and his bail forfeited John Duncan Labourer Dunblane was tried for Stealing from Keir Bleachfield, and being found Guilty he was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment in Stirling Jail. This ended the Circuit, the Judges were Boyle the Lord Justice Clerk and Ferguson Lord Hermand

18 The Weather disagreeably wet and cold.
David Doig, son of Dr Peter Doig, died aged 6 years.

19 Mrs Aird, Widow of the late Dr Aird of Antigua died. She was a woman much esteemed and respected.

20 The Weather very wet and cold.

23 The Royal Standard was hoisted, the Guns fired to the No 21, the Regent’s birthday being changed from the 12 of August to this day being St Georges day, the Patron Saint of England.
Cold weather with snow on the hills.

24- The two Kirk Sacraments.

27 Cold dry weather, the farmers going on with their Bear Seed and planting their Potatoes.
The three Kirk ministers are still at variance. They are quarrelling about the Choice of a parcell of new Elders. John Campbell our degraded Member of Parlement is become a Bankrupt in London.
William Campbell son of Mrs Campbell arrived in Stirling.

30 Cold weather, Vegetation at a stand, much of the potatoes planted, no barley sown, the Markets are on the decline, but still rather High.
There has been a great many people carried off by sudden deaths, The Typhus fever has not much abated but tis not so fatal as formerly.
The Crop, viz the Wheat and hay looks well and seem to want nothing but a little rain and warm weather.

May 1819

Swallows were seen this year at this place about the 25 of April.

4 The weather Cold with High winds and a parching drought.
The farmers are through sowing Barley.

5 Three of Our Deacons and one Hervey a Weaver are summoned to appear before the house of Commons on the 11th relative to Mr Primroses Election at the Instance of Mactagart.

6 Fine rain, and the weather more mild. The Deacons sett off for London in the Mail Coach. They got each 25 Sterling paid them in Stirling and the promise of more on arriving in London.

4/5/6 James Melles’s furniture and Shop Goods were sold by public Roup for three days at the instance of the Tax Gatherers, His Land lord and his Creditors. This is the third time that Melles has failed, his credit now seems to be completely gone and through gross Mismanagement and bad beheaviour both on his own and his wife’s account, he is now reduced to the most abject poverty.

7 Some more of our deacons have gone off to London. The names of those who are gone are McGibbon the Town Clerk, Cuthil a Writer, his sister, Anderson a Butcher and his wife, Strang a Taylor, MacOsorick a Shoemaker, Thomson a Smith, Hervey a Weaver etc etc
They are all gone by the Mail Coaches.

8 Fine soft mild Showers.

12 A High wind at West which did much damage by hurting vegetation and breaking the bushes and Shrubs.

15 News arrived that McTaggart has failed to make good his assertions relative to Mr Primrose, and that Mr Primrose has been declared duly Elected.

16 Fine warm weather with Slight Showers.
The Bells were set a ringing on account of Mr Primrose having made good his Election, and Tar Barrells in flames were carried through the Town. A large bonfire was made at the new Cornmarket and Primrose for ever resounded in all quarters of the Town.

19 One Walker a wooldealer in Leith, late a bankrupt in this town, has again failed for a large sum and has ruined severall of his friends here of the Name of Paterson, who were hardware merchants and Tobacconists.
The Weavers are mostly unemployed especially the Cotton Weavers.
Our Market is abundantly supplied with potatoes at 4d, 5d and 6d per peck, likewise Whitefish of severall sorts at 1d per lib. All other articles are still high in price.
Fine weather with gentle showers of rain but there is little heat or sunshine.

16 This day William went to Kippen with Alexander Stewart Surgeon there to stay two or three days.

27 The Weather cold with the wind at NE and E.
William returned from the West Country.
George Buchanan our Uncle came from the West Country to Stirling.
The Potatoes blackened by the frost during the night.

28 The frost continues during the night.

29 Cold rain, snow and sleet, the snow melted as it fell, but the hills in the Vicinity are all covered with it, midway down their sides, altho we have had a very mild winter, yet the Spring has been cold and stormy.

31 Cold wet weather.
The beginning of this month was mild and warm, the latter part was cold frosty and stormy with Sleet hail frost and Snow.
The Parliament have been employed for some time back about the Bank of England from which it appears that the affairs of that bank are in great Confusion, and that most of the Gold coin has gone out of the Country, no gold is to be seen in circulation, and. their notes have been forged to an uncalculable extent. The Finances of the nation are also fallen off and not fit to meet the public expenditure.

June 1819

1 Cold wet weather with easterly winds. The fruit has been mucn. damaged with the late frost particularly the Pears, Cherries, Gooseberries and black Currants. I had the prospect of a large crop of pears but I now perceive that I will have almost none at all.

4 The King’s birthday was not observed excepting some of the bells were rung for a short time, and a few Guns were fired from the Castle, 11 in number.

7 Rain with a cold wind from the east.
William again went from home without acquainting me.

9 The Dunblane Mineral Wells at Kinbuck in great repute, the Town and farmhouses adjacent are nearly filled with Invalids who are drinking the Water.

10 Wet mild weather, Abundance of Milk and Whey is sold in the Street

11 The Country Sacraments are begun and drunkness and other irregularities are prevailing in consequence as usuall. Two troops of the 6th Dragoons or Iniskilling came into town on their way to Ireland, they march again tomorrow.

17 Fine Mild weather with frequent showers, the Crop in generall looks well, but fruit will be a Scanty crop especially cherries, Apples and pears.
Mrs Park from Glasgow came here on a Visit.

23 Fine weather with frequent Showers.
The Morning Star, Alloa Steamboat, has for these two days past come up the the Back of the Abbey for Passengers going down the Forth in order to hurt the Lady of the Lake, the Stirling Steamboat.

25 Black Cattle are falling in value.
John Mason Vintner was Killed at Causeyhead toll a fall from his horse on the 21 ult.

25 Heavy rains at times.
Our markets are still supplied with potatoes in considerable quantities.

26 Paid £14.7 to the Apothecaries Hall of Glasgow for medcines, and gave an order for some more Articles.

29 The Harvest tis supposed will be rather late. The hay is not yet cut down, the Farmers have not begun to mow it.
Sent Walters box back to Glasgow. Wrote to him and Mr Smith to order William to come home immediately.

30 Strong gales of wind at W and NW, the Weather cold.
Much rain this month which was always succeeded by cold winds from the West and North West.
The Markets are rather high, – the Crop has a good appearance.

July 1819

1 William returned from Glasgow, Mr D Smith came in his company. Mr Smith returned the same day by the Perth Coach.

2 Cold wet weather.

4 Mild warm weather but with frequent heavy rain.
The Sacrament of Logie; numbers from Stirling resort to it, to eat Lamb and get drunk with Whisky.

7 William staid out all Night and behaived in a shocking manner, poor unfortunate fellow !!!

8 A soft rain with something like summer weather with it.
The Town filled with Strangers.
A Troop of the 8th Husars in town, They wear Mustachios or their bear is only shaved on the forepart of their Chins, which makes them look very odd.

10 A strong Drought and excepting where the rays of the sun strikes, the weather feels rather Cold. The hay harvest is advancing.
The Boiler of a steam boat, called the Stirling, burst off Grangemouth, whereby nine persons were very much hurt and Scalded, by the Steam. The Boiler was of Cast Iron, and not of Malleable Iron as all the boilers of the Engines of steam boats generally are now constructed.

15 The Weather continues fine, and the resort of strangers still considerable especially by the Steamboats.
In the Shade the Thermometer by day is commonly at from 65 to 70.

17 The Hay in the Plains is mostly got put in the tramp Coil and in excellent condition.

18 The Salmon fishing in the Forth has not been productive this season, by some people this is imputed to the Steamboats sailing up and down the River and by agitating the river disturbing the Fishes in their retreats.

18 A Comet has been visible for a fourthnight past . It appeareared above the Horizon below the Polar Star after Midnight and seemed to have a Southern course, its tail was long and very brilliant.

22 The weather still fine and dry mostly.

24- William has behaved very ill of late, the faults imputable to him are late hours, Drunkness, and low Company, his Character now is completely ruined.
Plenty of Fresh herrings from the Highland Lochs are in our Market, and there are some Old potatoes and likewise new to be had, the new sells at 1/6 per peck, the old at one half of that price.

26 The Thermometer 77, in the Shade at 4 pm.

27 The weather remarkably close and Sultry, some thunder in the NE.
The Skeleton of a Whale was found in a Moss at Airthrey, of a large size, it was ten foot below the surface and was embedded in clay below the Stratum of Moss.

3 Troops of Yeoman Cavalry viz Stirling Falkirk and the Strathendrick Troops, came into town for Five days to shew themselves and be inspected. They in generall look tolerably well both men and horses.

30 Ronald Campbell came here from Perth.
The weather has been very warm for ten days past. The Thermometer was commonly above 70 in the Shade and the heat is often very great, but was tempered with breezes from the Eastward.

August 1819

2 The warm sultry weather continues.
The Grammar School, the Writing School, the two English Schools were examined during the course of this week. The Scholars went through their Lessons and exercises with great propriety and much to the satisfaction of the Magistrates and principal inhabitants. The Magistrates gave a Month’s Vacation to the different Schools.

5 The Hot weather continues. The Grass is much burnt up and withered. The Rivers and Mill streams are much diminished so as P prevent the mills from having water sufficient to enable them to keep working.

6 A very fine rain.
The August Fair was held, it was not well attended. Our common Market days are often better frequented. The Cattle Market in the Morning and the horsemarket during the day were not worth mentioning and very little sale in either.

8/9 The first tryst was held on Stenhouse Muir. Black Cattle sold well of every description, the demand for horses was limited and the prices low.

12 Grouse shooting begins. Severall from this town have taken out Shooting Licences and have gone to the Moors.
The Weather still fine and warm.

17 Paid my Taxes for 1819 amounting to £7. 2. 6.
Pork Murdoch the old Candlemaker is the Collector this year.
Hay this season is selling for 5 Guineas the Hundred Stone

21 The Weather hot and sultry, the Thermometer is generally from 70 to 78 in the Shade and the farmers are employed in cutting their Wheat.
The town still crowded with Strangers.
William went in the Steamboat to Leith or Edinburgh without acquainting any of the family.

24 The Grass in most places is totally withered or Burnt up by the great heat, the Thermometer being from 75 to 80 in the Shade.

25 A fine shower of rain through the night.
Walter came from Glasgow.

26 The Weather still very warm.

28 James and Walter went to Edinburgh in the Steamboat.
A heavy rain from the East.

31 A heavy Gale from the West, with rain, much fruit blown down, the Oats and Wheat has also been much shaken.

September 1819

1 With some of the farmers the Corn is all cut down and the Wheat is mostly housed.

3 The Weather is delightfull.
Severall old people have died of late, perhaps the great Heat hastened their dissolution.
The Steamboats between this town and Leith are still well employed, and the Inns are generally Full of Strangers passing and repassing by these boats.
The markets are still high. Beef is from 6d to 7d, Mutton the same Lamb from 2/ to 5/ per quarter, the potatoes are at 10d per peck of 28 lib.

4- A Heavy Rain cane on from the South East – which continued with intervalls untill the 10th.

11 The weather dry with some frost of a morning.
Duncan McLaren the Dean of Gild became insane supposed on account of the Death of his wife, who died of a Consumption a fourthnight before.

12 The 2nd Tryst of Falkirk is held on the 13. Cows Horses and Sheep are driving south through the town for the Market which is now held at Stenhouse Muir.
No highland Shearers have come south this year on their way to the Lothians, as usuall.]
Lord Pitmilly held a Jury Court in Stirling about a road on the property of Fogo of Killorn, which was claimed by Erskine of Cardross. The Trial lasted the Whole day, at length the Jury returned a verdict in favor of Mr Fogo of Killorn.

14 Black Cattle of every Kind and Sheep sold well and brought good prices at the Tryst.
The town is still full of Strangers and many parties of Pleasure.

15 William returned from Edinburgh.
Accounts of mobbs in Paisley on the 13 and 14, and at Glasgow on the 15th. Many windows and lamps were broken in both towns and two or three Bakers shops and spirit dealers shops were broken into and plundered of their contents. The mobs were composed of the dregs of both Towns and called themselves radical reformers, but their real aims were Robbery, plunder and Mischief.

16 A Troop of Dragoons were ordered off from our town to Glasgow.

18 The Weather continues fine.

21 The Prince Leopold of Saxe Salfield Etc, the husband of the late Princess Charlotte of Great Britain visit (sic) Stirling. He had been on a Tour in Scotland and was as far north as Inverness. He came early from Buchanan and was conducted to the Kings Knot by the Magistrates and the most respectable inhabitants to the Table in the Kings Knott, where the Freedom of the City was conferred upon him, and his health drunk by the Magistates and others of the Inhabitants, of which I had the honor to be of the number. He then Visited the Castle by the Ballageich road, partook of a breakfast at the Governors house, from whence he Visited the Magistrates in the Council room, and then walked down Streets to Gibbs Inn with the Provost on his right hand. He took his leave of the Magistrates at the Inn and went to Carron to inspect the immense Iron foundries there. During his visit the Prince beheaved with the utmost affability and condescension to everyone who approached him, and was highly applauded with constant cheering on all hands. He travelled in two post chaises with his suit. He was received with a royal salute on entering the Castle, and another royall salute of the same kind at his leaving it, and seemed highly gratified with the respect, Honor and attention which was paid to him by all ranks in our ancient City. The concourse of People on this occasion was little short of ten thousand, most of whom were well dressed and made a Gay appearance.
William dissapeared and went away.

22 The King’s Coronation. 21 Guns were fired from the Fort and the Royal Standard hoisted on the Flag Staff.

25 It appears that William has gone again to Edinburgh.
The Justiciary Court was held here. A person from Clackmanan County was banished 7 years for stealing, two people from Blairningone were sentenced to six months imprisonment for deforcing a Messenger.

26 The Weather fine, the Crop all got in around Stirling.

28 4 Deacons of Trades were Cut or put out of the Town Council all in Mr Primrose Intrest.

29 James Buchanan Grocer was chosen Dean of Gild and (…..) Telford, Baker was Elected Deacon Conveener.
The Weather cold and wet.
Got a rain Channel well crammed with Clay along the Outside of the West Wall of my Garden.

30 John Buchan a half pay Surgeon of the RN was elected provost.
Messrs Steel, Candlemaker, Banks Grocer, McLeran Ditto, and Brown half pay deputy inspector of Hospitals, were elected Baillies. The Whole Magistrates and Town council were a mean sett of people.

October 1819

1 Some soldiers belonging to the 80th Regiment came into the Town from Leith and the remainder of the Regiment came next morning.

5 The 80th Regiment marched for the North, the same day the 13th Regiment from Leith also marched into the Castle.
Got intimation that Jane in Glasgow had been safely delivered of a daughter.

6 The weather fine but with Showers at times.
The farmers are sowing Wheat and some people are throng digging their Potatoes.

8 There were above 30 Indictments from Criminal Causes tried this Circuit at Glasgow, some of which contained two and others three persons, 7 received sentence to be hanged, the others were mostly sentenced to transportation for 7, 14 and others for life.

9 Trade is still dull and Bankruptcies are still frequent especially in Glasgow.

11 Paid Luckey Steen the horse hirer £14. 14 on account of a horse being injured by William when he had hired him.
The Second Tryst of Stenhouse Muir, a vast number of black Cattle, Sheep and some highland poneys have gone through the town towards it.

12/13 Sheep sold well and fetched high prices, black cattle sold well at first, but the second day the Sale was very limited and at reduced prices, on the third day little business was done, many cattle were driven to the southward that were not sold, and some droves returned.
During the Morning early there was a thunderstorm. The Peals were, loud and the Lightning vivid, the rain fell like a deluge, many bridges were swept away in different parts of the country and considerable damage done to the roads. Some of the low houses near the Town burn were half filled with water by the overflowing of the burn and some Goods were damaged.

14 William returned from Edinburgh by the Steamboat late in the evening.
The Weather has cleared up a little.

20 The weather cold and dry.

24 Snow on the Ochil hills and the West Highland hills, the weather very cold.

25 The Old retired Veteran officers called out into Actuall Service, and ten thousand old veterans and pensioners ordered to be embodie together with three thousand Marines, the Government being affrighted at the numerous meetings held throughout the Country about a reform in the nation of’ abuses, and a parliamentary reform.

28 A heavy fall of snow and the weather very cold.

31 Cold dry weather to the end of the month. The Butcher Market is still high, Beef an4 Mutton being from 6 to 7 pence per lib. Bread from 9 to 11 pence the Quartern loaf. Potatoes from 6/6 to 8/- per boll, Butter from 16 to 17 pence per jib, Oatmeal is from 36 to 38 per load of 16 Stones and other Articles in proportion. All the Old pensioners of Chelsea hospital are called in to be inspected, and those fit for service are to be incorporated or formed into Veteran Battallions.

November 1819

1 The Thermometer was at 28.

3 The frost is mostly gone and the weather is somewhat warmer. Meetings of reformers are held in many parts in the South west of Scotland and in very many parts of England in order to petition the Prince Regent and the Parliament for a reform of existing abuses in the Nation.

4 William is behaving no better, late hours and drinking is his constant practice.

5 The Anniversary of the Gunpowder plot, the flag was displayed on the Castle flag staff and the Guns were fired.
The first inspection of the pensioners took place in the Castle, severall were found fit for service.
The fair of Stirling was held, few attended, little business seemed to be doing.
Two Companies of the 13 regiment marched for Glasgow. Government seem to be much afraid of the Weavers of that City and in Paisley. Gloomy dull wet weather.

8 Two Companies of the 15 Regiment Marched from this town to Glasgow – there is now only two companies left.

12 The old pensioners that were picked out as fit for service marched to Edinburgh in three division each of about forty men.

14 The weather very cold and wet.

18 The Scarlet Fever has made considerable ravages in Bannockburn and the neighbourhood.

21 Cold wet weather.

25 The Thermometer in the open air at sunrise was 25 and the next day at 24 at the same time.

27 The latter fair of Down.
The Thermometer at sunrise stood at 24.
Frequent housebreakings and carrying off provisions and no detections has taken place.

29 The Thermometer at 21 at sunrise.
Cattle sold at Down fair at reduced prices.
Captain Walter Campbell, late of the Aberdeenshire Militia, came to us on a visit and staid with us for ten days. A storm of frost with Snow came on about the Middle of the month.

December 1819

1 A cold thaw has taken place, the weather is wet and stormy, but the storm is not gone.
The parliament has met but there is no mention in the Regents speech of retrenchments or abolishing sinecures and useless places and enormous pensions, and the Poor starving, and taxes constantly exacted with rigour.

2 Lieutenant Generall Graham the deputy governor of the Castle is affrighted at the Reformers. He has placed the Castle in a State of Siege, the Guns being loaded with round and grape Shot and the Tampions taken out of the Muzzels of the Guns, with Double or quadruple Centinels posted along the walls. That part of the 15th Regiment in Garrison are confined within the fort and only two or three get out at a time.

4 A meeting of Reformers was held at the Village of Milton, from 900 to 1000 attended, they were harangued by a person from Glasgow and another from Kilsyth. The Topics were the starving condition of the Cotton weavers, the depression of Trade, the abuses existing in the Government, and the Manchester Massacre.
7 or 8 resolutions were proposed and carried and an address to the Regent was voted after which the meeting dispersed quietly. There were no flags or Caps of liberty displayed, but Governor Graham and Shirrif McDonald were much frightned, without the smallest cause. The Country Gentry are much frightned, whether they have reason to be so or not time only can determine. Stirling is however perfectly quiet at present. The Storm continues.

8 William left Stirling on the 3rd since which time he has not returned. I had no words with him previous to his Disappearing.

9 Rumors of a General insurrection to take place at Glasgow on the 13th.

11 The Thermometer was at 7 above Zero.
The remains of the 13 Regiment marched for Glasgow.
Two companies of veterans arrived from Edinburgh who marched into the Castle.
A man was brought from Kilsyth accused of making Pikes for arming the Reformers.
The Alarm still prevails of Insurrection. Theft and housebreaking prevails both in town and the Neighbourhood.

12 5 men brought from Kilsyth by a party of Yeomanry Cavalry accused of being leaders of Radicals and of making or procuring pikes or arms for the Reformers.
The Town Guard is doubled every night and special constables perambulate the Streets, but all is quiet here.

13 The Yeoman Cavalry under arms all day.
Paid Mr Johnston his account for Apothecaries hall Glasgow.
The intense Storm continues, the fall of Snow is moderate.

17 The Stirling troop of Yeoman Cavalry is still at Kilsyth.
The Storm continues.
The Alloa Troop of Yeoman Cavalry is still in Stirling.
All is quiet in Glasgow and every where in Scotland.

18 The Alloa Yeomanry went home.

19 The Storm broke up with a cold thaw and much rain, but in two days it commenced again.
The Stirling Yeomanry returned, severall of them on being ordered to turn out, refused or found they were sick.

22 The Storm continues, the Cold is sever, the Thermometer is frequently at 20.

24 Hard gales of wind on our coasts, and many shipwrecks with many lives lost.

25 Christmas observed as usuall by the Episcopals.
A sum of money has been subscribed in the town to give work to people who were called principally cotton weavers.
The Guildry subscribed 50 Guineas, Cowans Hospital was assessed 50 pounds, the Town Gave 30 pounds, Allans Hospital and Spittals gave 25 pounds, the Bakers and fleshers 10 pounds each. Above 200 pounds were raised by private subscription, the sum in whole exceeded 400 pounds, the people got spades and pick axes and were employed to improve Bridge Street to the Bridge. Upwards of 50 have already been employed.

28 The Storm continues, the Thermometer generally at 20. This year Ends with a poor prospect of trade reviving or the revenue improving. No retrenchments are held forth to sooth the dissatisfaction that prevails in the Country.


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